Hospice of Southern Illinois


The mission of Hospice of Southern Illinois is to enhance the quality of life for individuals and their loved ones touched by a terminal illness.
Hospice of Southern Illinois is a not-for-profit, free standing, community-based hospice offering Southern Illinois and St. Louis Metro-East communities a range of services for people of all ages at the end of life. We have been providing compassionate care to terminally ill patients and their families in their home or a home-like setting since 1981. Since that time, Hospice of Southern Illinois continues to put patients and family’s needs and wants first.
Not all hospice providers are the same. While most have a similar philosophy, each hospice is a different company offering different services. The best time to learn about hospice care is before you need it. At any time during a life-threatening illness, it is appropriate to discuss all of a patient’s healthcare options, including hospice care. Our reputation is a direct result of our desire to do more than what is required or expected. This can be seen in the passion and commitment of our employees and volunteers to provide excellent hospice care through all the services we provide.
About Hospice of Southern Illinois
Not all hospice providers are the same. We are a not-for-profit hospice program. We are committed to the community and have been for 30 Years. Each of us at Hospice of Southern Illinois considers it a privilege to care for your loved one’s end-of-life needs. Thank you for that trust.
Meeting the needs of the patient and family is a top priority at Hospice of Southern Illinois. The patient, family and caregiver, is an essential part of hospice care.
We offer on-call support, patient care, and patient admissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including nights, weekends and holidays.
We have a specialized admission team which enables us to respond quickly to patients & families with urgent needs. Our admission nurses use their clinical expertise to evaluate each patient’s unique needs and provide immediate support and education for the patient and family.
We are the only hospice program in the region with a Full-Time Medical Director, Dr. Lynne Nowak as an employee. Our clinical team has 24-hour direct accessibility to Dr. Nowak for consultation and support.
We provide hospice services to individuals of all ages and regardless of ability to pay.
Hospice of Southern Illinois is committed to the whole family. We not only provide physical and emotional support for the patient, but for the family as well.
Relais Bonne Eau (relay-bone-oh), the first licensed community hospice home in southern Illinois. Relais Bonne Eau translated from French means a home for weary travelers by good water. Your community hospice home is a place for terminally ill patients to live out their final days if their own home is not possible or practical.
Hospice of Southern Illinois is committed to community education and outreach. We take pride in connecting with patients, families, friends and the community in several ways including sharing information, news, and our services, by reaching out through community events, and educating people by public speaking, media and networking.